Solve the Code Games
Welcome to the hardest code games! Your source for those hard yet addicting games that will have you playing these hard games for hours! Let's see if you can crack the code.
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Plumber Hard Games
Create a continous pipeline by joining various parts of it to let the water flow.
Stackopolis Hard Game
Move the blocks to move them in another location and recreate the pattern shown in the picture.
Gem Mine Games
Gem Mine
Detonate a group of 3 or more similar colored coded gems and try to clear up the grid, before the time runs out.
Rotation Key Games
Rotation Key
Arrange the balls according to the given formation in the least possible moves and achieve the highest score and solve the code.
Orbox B Games
Orbox B
Move the blinking square through a code maze and find your way to the exit without getting off the game screen.
Logical Dominoes Games
Logical Dominos Code
Try to separate out all the Domino pieces which are joined together to form a grid, in this addictive code puzzle.
3d Sudoku Hard Games
3d Sudoku Puzzle
A revived version of the Sudoku game with different levels of difficulty and a high score board.
Maze Games
Maze Game
Help the robot trapped inside a maze, to find the keys to the exit door and escape out, before the time runs out.
Brik Games
Brik Code Game
Align the colorful blocks falling down, in a groups, matching the shapes with them to make them disappear.
Brik Games
Blockbuster Game
Break the blocks, make your way to defuse the bombs and avoid getting destroyed.